Friday, February 10

Five Minute Friday --Trust

So, I didn't want to do Five Minute Friday today... seeing as how I've been posting twice on Friday with my Project 52 posts. But I still want to try, because it stretching me... and because I love Lisa-Jo, whom I've never met, but I want to! :)


Trust, faith, giving thanks

NOT complaining

Positive Attitude


I'm amazed at how these things are all connected and I'm amazed at how I am still working on these areas EVERY DAY. I am always looking for the "Easy" button to living a Christ-like life, but I have to remember that it starts with a simple trust. The belief that God truly loves me as His child and He has my best interests in mind. What happens in my life is NO surprise to him and I must believe that...

Trust Him.

Joseph trusted God in all the ups and downs of his life, when his brothers hated him, when he entered slavery, when people lied about him... he just kept trusting. He gave thanks in every situation and God brought it all about for good, for the good of Joseph, for the good of his family, his father, his brothers, for the Nation of Israel.

I have that same God. My life is nowhere near as hard as Joseph's life. My God is molding me and preparing me so that I can be used of Him... in parenting, in mentoring, in reflecting Christ's light, in bringing glory to the Name of God.



PS. If I was to write my 3rd grade son's composition on what he learned in Bible this week, this is what it would have been... It took him an HOUR yesterday to come up with FIVE sentences... Thankfully, his cursive writing was legible and he got a 100, but when we were working on it, I thought I was going to be sent to the looney bin... helping my kids with homework is NOT my favorite task, but I will TRUST that this is a season in my life and I will survive it!!

Now, go read the other great entries to Five Minute Friday, and write your own!!


  1. I love the example of Joseph. It really puts things into perspective. Great post!!! :)

  2. Been there with the homework - trust me (really) you WILL survive it!!!

  3. I'm so glad you took the challenge ;) and it couldn't have been a better example for me, as I'm reading about joseph right now! Thanks for sharing it with me!!

    (and I LOVED your PS)

    All for Him,


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