Monday, February 6

Joy Dare ~Week Five

Counting the gifts and encouraging each one of you to join in!!  It's been an encouraging week... my kids are even joining in, by reading the Joy Dare list hanging in the kitchen and trying to come up with some gifts right on the spot!

January 30:
93. pulling out last year's Valentine's Decorations

94. Skyping with my 8 month old nephew (not too old, but still a gift)
95. leftover ham in the freezer made into a new meal (heart shaped egg cups)

January 31: 
96. more love notes from my sweet 6 YO daughter
97. the person of Jesus Christ and my 8YO son who thought of this gift
98. preschool paper colored by my 5YO

February 1:
99. 11:30 gift - grocery shopping at Wegmans... even when I was so overwhelmed I felt like crying
100. 2:30 gift - sunshine and homemade mocha to enjoy on the way to pick up kids from school
101. 6:30 gift - waiting for prayer meeting to start with a friend!

February 2:
102. my chickens in the morning as I feed them
103. cheers at high school basketball game
104. 4YO at bedtime while hugging me... "I'm gonna keep you forever and ever!

February 3:
105. reading Matthew 5-7

106. love notes from the kids in our Valentine mailboxes
107. catching up on Lisa Jo's blog!!

February 4:
108. helping my little ballerinas before/after class
109. retrieving an egg from coop
110. hot fries from oven

February 5:
111. being "in stitches" over a few funny commercials!
112. happy babies hammering away at toys in nursery
113. friendships woven over time


  1. popping in from Ann's ...lovely the gifts you counted :)

  2. stopping by from A Holy Experience. the leftovers made into a heart shape made me smile! happy day to you :)

    1. I have nice heart-shaped muffin tins that I got on discount after Valentine's Day a few years ago. So much fun to spread a little love!


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