Saturday, March 24

Project 52 --Hunger

Not my favorite theme by far... but that's maybe because I didn't figure out until Thursday night that the theme Hunger had to do with the movie coming out!! So I took some pictures but then life took over and I never got them edited and uploaded... so here I am added my Project 52 post late!!

When I think Hunger... ya know, not having to do with the movie! This is what came to mind...

I think of my chickens first thing in the morning when I let them out of the coop and they rush the food dish knocking each other over... but the day I took my camera out, they didn't seem so hungry!

I also think of the rush of a buffet table (and yes, this is a First World hunger problem)

I still have fun trying to think of something related to the theme... even when it's difficult!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

maybe next week's Project 52 will be better! :)
and here are some of my previous Project 52 posts!

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