Wednesday, April 25

Keepin' it Real

So, I'm reading blogs, checking out Twitter and Facebook, wasting time when I should be getting to bed. and I see a tweet from @Jennyitup, reminding me that it is #PinFTW Wednesday tomorrow... and I think, "I've got a lot of Pins that I would love to try out. So I skipped over to my Pinterest Page to see what fun pin I could do at the spur of the moment that wouldn't take too long and I came up with this one!!  Dawn+Vinegar = Soap Scum Killer

Because my shower is not a pretty sight!! I have a bottle of Clean Shower in my shower... with DUST on it, y'all!!  So I'm all about getting some soap scum off.  However, I wasn't really sure it would work on my shower curtain. The original pin showed this magic on a shower stall. But I figured it couldn't hurt to try it once. If it doesn't work, I will just go buy a new shower curtain. That sure beats taking the shower curtain down and throwing it in the washer, or soaking in the tub... both of which I have tried before with less than desirable results!

I am so embarrassed to actually be posting these pics!  (BEFORE)

So, I gathered my ingredients (Vinegar, Blue Dawn, Spray Bottle)... and couldn't find a spray bottle (I almost used the half gone bottle of Clean Shower). But I found a handy little squirt bottle and just hoped that it would work.

I'm cheap, so I didn't want to use a whole cup of Dawn, and the squirt bottle only holds 8 oz. So my recipe was 4 oz of HOT vinegar (microwave it in a glass cup for 1-2 minutes) pour into bottle and add 4 oz of Dawn.  I squirted it on and left it over night... It ran.... which resulted in streaks... :(

 Got up in the morning, grabbed my scrub brush and turned on the shower and wiped it down and scrubbed... It's not very easy to scrub a shower curtain... I think I might just be buying a new shower curtain!

But my bathtub was definitely showing some signs of the cleaner working, but in streaks!  So I took a picture and realized that I couldn't be that real on my blog... I couldn't show you how DISGUSTING my bathtub was, even after cleaning... the bathtub my kids JUST took showers/baths in last night!

So, I decided to forgo the shower curtain... and add it to my shopping list, but the TUB, that still needed some help! So I added the super power Baking Soda!!  a little more Dawn (because I can't bear to use a lot) and some more HOT vinegar, just hoping and praying and wishing and dreaming that the 1970's green tub would look like new again!!  :)

I have to admit, I had to put a whole lot more elbow grease into this project then I thought I would wanted to!

Here is the end result... definitely an improvement, but still not great!

But hey, you win some, you lose some! I will still be browsing Pinterest for the "easy button" of house cleaning! :)  Do you have any great recommendations for the bathroom cleaning?!?! (It has to be easy, because I'm lazy in this department!)

side note: my house smells like vinegar now!


  1. Your bathtub looks a lot better than mine, and I don't have kids keeping me from cleaning it on a regular basis!

    Hey--you have different states, so it would make for a good project! It would be more boring if you only had one state represented. :)

  2. I totally appreciate this post!!! :) I use vinegar and dawn to clean just about everything. As far as shower curtains go, I don't know. I think I'd just throw it in the washer if it's washable. If it's the liner, I (ssshhh...I know this is so not GREEN) it goes in the trash! I loathe bathtub cleaning, also. I have an entire box of bathtub cleaner (like 6 bottles I got in bulk) unopened. I hate it that much. I hate the fumes, hate bending over, had the scrubbing to no end. I will tell you, though, you put some vinegar and baking soda in your toilet and you'll jump for joy. I tried that one last week. :)

    1. Yes, I am planning on buying a new liner! :) so glad I'm not the only one that hates cleaning the bathtub!! and the vinegar/baking soda trick! I just did that in my husband's tea thermos! OH How I wish I had taken before/after pictures! It's like NEW!! :)

  3. You need some Melalauca-no bleach or harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil based.

  4. Honey, you have to wash either of the shower curtain /liners with an old towek or two works real well for me, but you can't put them in the dryer for long LOL <3 sorry about your hen... can't believe 3 got away.


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