Saturday, May 19

Project 52 --Mothers


Although I make handmade cards on a regular basis, I am terrible at actually mailing cards on special occasions, so I'm sad to say that my mom and my mom-in-law did not get cards for Mother's Day.  This is just a belated card to my mom! :)


Thanks for giving me life, and for giving of yourself to teach me how to live. Thanks for making us do chores, and reading the bible to us. Thank you for reading your bible where we could see. Thank you for spanking me (yes, I said it).

Thank you for teaching us how to sing... and to look for a man that sings in church. :)  Thanks for making me cheesecakes for my birthday desserts.

Thank you for sacrificing to send us to christian school. Thank you for dressing me funny (if only I could find that picture).  Thank you for race tracks and remote control cars for Christmas.

Thanks for midterm exam study breaks with a game of Chinese Checkers. Thanks for coming to my soccer games. Thanks for listening to my graduation speech... even if I was third.

Thanks for dragging me to the strawberry fields to learn a taste of hard work. Thanks for praying for me; for letting me go off to college and make some mistakes.

Thanks for loving Wes, and calling him "ruggedly handsome." (15 years later, I still think he is).  Thanks for coming to visit me and help with my babies, when they were born. Thank you for letting us come and visit you and doing such fun things with me kids!

Thanks for coming and visiting us now... even when they exhaust you. Thanks for bringing me flowers for my gardens; and Sahlen's hot dogs for my freezer.

Thanks for loving Dad and sticking by him. Thanks for being a great example of a wife... and a pastor's wife. Thank you for being you!

I love you, Mom

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  1. I've always seen Mother's Day as a holiday made for greeting card companies to make money. I'm sure that your mother(s) appreciates this handwritten, from the heart note far more! What a beautiful tribute to her loving example throughout your life and in the lives of your children. I would venture to guess, by the love you've expressed here, that she already knows how much she is appreciated and cared for. I'm sure she doesn't consider it to be "way late," but a "right on time" acknowledgment of what she already knew.

  2. watery eyes again - you go girl!!Have a great week - Jen


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