Friday, May 18

Five Minute Friday --Perspective

It's time again for Five Minute Friday.  although it's almost Saturday! I've been struggling in my writing lately... as my Five Minutes will show...  Many Thanks to The Gypsy Mama for the incentive to write.


From where I sit, I see a turtle--one who reached out her head in March and tried her hand at writing. But then the incentive was gone, even though the encouragement was still there. And she quit writing or even trying to write.

She's afraid to try again, afraid to fail. Not sure there is time for writing, when there is laundry to fold, dishes to wash, meals to prepare, children to raise. The urge for community found in blogging is mostly what drives her, makes her long for Allume.

But the turtle's head has retracted back into her shell. And she wonders, what does God see from where He sits? What's the big picture? Where is He leading? And will she follow willing if it doesn't look like she wants it to?


I wrote in my head all day, but none of it made sense. Not even sure this does... But I WROTE!

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  1. ((hugs)) I think it made sense to me. It's funny, what I thought might not be what you thought, eh? But I like it, and I understand it, and I SOOOOOO get it! I'm glad you wrote!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I've read your blog a few times, and each time I'm blessed. You have such a tender heart and I always understand you. I LOVE real, and you are real...I guess that can be misunderstood sometimes, for being okay to persist in sin, but that's not what I mean. I think you portray your struggles so well, and you show God's grace in them, lifting you up, urging you forward. So, Keep going! Don't quit! And in reading this post, I relate to you in every I guess I'm saying these things to myself as well.

  3. This is both awesome and also confirmation for me, as I did a post on my blog about rejection and feeling as if God has removed my shell in order for me to be open with Him. Awesome post! Thanks.


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