Wednesday, May 16

Summer Fun

Sponge Balls, water balls, summer fun, reusable water balloons, Sponge Ball Water Fights!

I don't know what you want to call them, but when I saw the idea (on Pinterest, of course) I knew I wanted to try it out!  My kids are always looking to use the hose when it gets hot, but I think this might be a fun alternative.  Problem is, when you have four kids, you can't just make 2 or 3... so I had to buy a lot of sponges. I really should have gone to the Dollar Store first... If we have lots of fun with this, I might check there next!

Anyway, the original idea came from Martha... here is the original pin!

It seems to be getting harder and harder to find plain old sponges without the scrub side of it, so this project cost more than I wanted it to, but I think that it will be a long term fun, so I'm okay with that!!

I actually bought 24 sponges Total!  So you need sponges, string (or dental floss), and scissors. I confess, I did not get exact and measure and mark with pen and ruler... I just eyeballed it and cut each sponge into 5 strips lengthwise.

Then I assembled with 12 strips of sponge and dental floss.  Wrap it around, squeeze it tight, and knot it!  I found that it was easier to use a little volunteer finger to hold down the first loop through to help keep it tight for the knot.

Then I filled a bucket with water and threw all the sponges in

and then I snuck outside and waterbombed my kids!  I even let them get me back... and then I said "No More!" and pulled out the camera to try to capture some shots of the fun!

All loaded up and ready to go!

I never checked the damage, but I know at least one sponge ball fell apart and I gathered the pieces for re-assembly. Considering that I made 10, I think that's a pretty good ratio. I am looking forward to school being out, so the kids can do this again... maybe even this weekend!

Finding fun ways to refresh on hot summer days, Works for me, so I'm linking up to Works for Me Wednesday.
Because I found the idea on Pinterest, I am linking up to Pin for the Wednesdays!
Also linking up to Made by you Mondays with Skip to my Lou.



  1. OH WOW! I'm going to def. try this!!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!!

  2. Ok, those look REALLY FUN!!! Might have to try that one. Thanks for linking up! I always like to see what you are making!

  3. What a great idea! Oh how I love Pinterest! I want to try this, I think even my big kids would enjoy pelting each other!

  4. Super fun!! You seemed to have gained an extra kid. =)

  5. That looks really fun! And it looks easy enough for me to do. I think my toddler would enjoy it.
    also- thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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