Monday, June 25

continuing the Joy Dare in June

So, I did my best to keep counting the gifts during my bloggy break, but I'm not a journaller so I don't write them down. Here's the whole month of June so far, just so I have record of the blessings I receive from God every day!!  (Kudos to anyone who actually reads the whole list) :)

May 28
491. a holiday with hubby home from work
492. family traditions (Krispy Kreme and Memorial Day Parade)

493. food on the grill
494. pools and kiddie pools on hot days
495. doing dishes at the end of a long day with Wes

May 29.
496. 8AM gift: kids reading, reading and playing together
497. 12noon: meeting friends at the park

498. lunch at the park
499. toads in little kids' hands
500. crazy dark sky and heavy rains
501. 8PM gift: rainbow in the sky after the storm

May 30 (Blue #JoyDare)
502. Enjoying quick concert by my kids while sitting on newly fixed swing
503. friend's van for joint activities
504. gorgeous sky
505. kids' adorable eyes
506. my stain-filled rug

May 31
507. hugs to friends we haven't seen in a while
508. lunch and fellowship with friends

June 1 (orange gifts)
509. macaroni and cheese...
510. library books
511. OJ ... I love orange juice!

June 2
512. sweet 4YO cracking peanuts at Texas Roadhouse
513. lots of laughter as a family at dinner out.
514. enjoying Shakespeare in the Park--Romeo and Juliet
515. eating birthday cake at 10:00 at night

516. snuggling my first born late at night on his birthday

June 3 (in conversation)
517. worship in church "I know I am loved by the King and it makes my heart want to sing!"
518. finding a home for hens
519. hubby saying "I've got it covered" in the kitchen...
520. my kids sharing favorite things before bed

June 4. (in Christ) (quotes from Valley of Vision)
521. when I am empty, "when faith fills me, then I am full" ... in Christ
522. "Christ is faithful to make himself a present reality to his own who are guests at his table."
.... once his enemy, now seated at his table!
523. "In him (Jesus) the enslaved find redemption, the guilty pardon, the unholy renovation;"

June 5
524. (peace) listening to KLove radio
525. (hope) moments of grace
526. (love) reading to my girls before naptime

June 6 (ugly-beautiful)
527. fog covering any hope of sun
528. blurry pictures of my resident Eastern Bluebird 

June 7
529. writing AND creating cards

530. helping with registration for LYFE conference
531. some serious laughter with 321 Improv

532. friends

June 8. 
533. worship with sisters in Christ
534. hearing from God's Word
535. retreating, renewing, refreshing
536. the music ministry of Damaris Carbaugh

June 9
537. laughing with Liz Curtis Higgs and 900 other women

538. free drink coupon for the Underground Cafe
539. returning home to my family

June 10. (at 8am, noon, 2pm)
540. girls singing on the way to church
541. plate of veggies with spaghetti sauce on top
542. robin singing outside window

June 11 (painted)
543. God's artwork painted across the sky
544. enjoying park equipment with some friends

June 12 (full)
545. a hummingbird on my clothesline... multiple times through out the day

546. skies full of rainclouds
547. mug of
548. house of noisy children
549. jars of fresh strawberry freezer jam

June 13 (smelled)
550. movie theater popcorn during free summer kids movie!
551. finding the toad my daughter stored in her jewelry box last week (it escaped... and died in the corner) ...unpleasant smell
552. Chicken Marsala for dinner
553. strawberry shortcake for dessert

June 14
554. giving my chickens away.... :(
555. stress of packing, packing, packing

June 15
556. I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139)
557. being with family
558. returning to my alma mater to watch my nephew graduate from high school

June 16
559. my kids making my baby nephew laugh... and laugh

560. graduation party fun

June 17.
561. actually being with my Dad for a few days
562. his encouragement to me in my low points
563. gifts of books from my Dad

June 18.
564. When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path! You art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living, Ps. 142:3, 5
565.  unconditional, unfathomable, never ending love of my Heavenly Father

June 19. (in serving)
566. doing laundry
567. making meals
568. reading books

June 20
569. knees bent in prayer
570. kids enjoying the slip-n-slide
571. after sun lotion to sooth red shoulders

June 21 (in light)
572. headlights on my car while driving home at night
573. fields and fields of twinkling fireflies!

June 22.
574. sunscreen for more fun outside
575. roasted vegetables
576. more cardmaking!!

June 23.
577. actually doing fun Pinterest ideas

578. sheets drying on the line
579. wishing friends well and saying goodbye
580. holding a 2 day old newborn!!

June 24
581. turning sad kids into happy kids in the church nursery
582. songs in church
583. Lego club at the library for my kids

584. family trip to get ice cream

Thanks for counting with me!! And now you have a glimpse of all our June adventures!


  1. So enjoyed reading your list, Julie Anne! Looks like you've been busy and enjoying life. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love this! So inspiring! I would love to do the same thing in my life!


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