Saturday, June 23

Project 52 --June

Being that I took a bloggy break in June, but that I want to stick with my Project 52 posts... Here is June Project 52, all wrapped up in one.

Fathers (June 22)

I was actually with my Dad on Father's Day... but the only picture I have of him is with me and all my sisters, so I didn't take it. However, I did get a shot of my kids with their Dad, the love of my life! (they would follow him anywhere...)

Sunlight (June 15)

My sun porch is one of my favorite things... Spent a lot of mornings in June in this room. Here's a glimpse of what God gives me most mornings.

Water (June 8)

This is where waiting till the end of the month comes in handy... No good water pictures until we went to the Buffalo Waterfront when we were in town for a graduation...  We just happened to catch the "Spirit of Buffalo" coming around the Buffalo Main Lighthouse.

Playtime (June 1)

apparently, I don't take pictures of my kids playing... The one attempt I had when we went to the park, it was approximately 90 degrees with 95% humidity, so we didn't play long.  But when I get to play, this is what I do... I make cards!

 Thanks for sticking with me and catching up on Project 52...

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  1. I love those thank-you cards and I think that I have one of you and Dad alone.... Jen


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