Wednesday, June 27

Patriotic Yarn Wreath

So excited to be joining PinFTW with Mommin' it Up again this week!  And I've got a great pin for you, perfect for Fourth of July... so get on it today!!

This is a pin of a pin of a pin. (in other words, there is nothing new under the sun), So obviously "Everybody" is doing it... which totally means you should too! But only if you have a few TV shows to catch up on or a really long movie, because it's kinda time consuming depending on how OCD you are! :)

So you start with a straw wreath and red, white, and blue yarn.  Keep the straw wreath wrapped up in it's plastic covering otherwise you might have straw sticking out all over! I got all my supplies from Michael's but a week later I found a straw wreath (still wrapped) at Salvation Army, so now I have to find another wreath idea for it! :)

Then you want to ball the yarn because it will make it so much easier to wrap around the wreath. (and it looks so cute when it's all balled up). If you don't know how to ball yarn, check out this tutorial. I would have done it myself with pictures, but I'm left handed so that might have been confusing!

And then you find another good TV show to watch and start wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping!

Punch out some stars (I did 13) and adhere with a hot glue gun. Make note, hot glue guns and yarn are not forgiving, so make sure you know exactly how spaced out you want your stars before you start!

I just used a simple ribbon and hot glued it to the back (not pretty but you can't see it when it's hanging)

Then hang it and enjoy!!


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  1. Things wreath hangs on my front door! Army family needs a patriotic wreath for all the summer celebrations. Love seeing yours!!


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