Friday, June 29

Five Minute Friday --Dance

It's that time of week... Five Minute Friday, and while I don't really feel like writing. This exercise always pushes me to try... even if it's five minutes of nothing! You should try it, it's exhilarating!
Five Minute Friday

This week is all about Dance.  and that kinda leaves me blank... cause I'm a good Baptist where Dance is a four letter word...  :)  But, I'd like to give it a go, anyway!!


The Dance of a writer

I'd like to think I'm a writer. Back in March, I declared it. Jeff Goins encourages all of us to write. But something is holding me back... fear, laziness, distractions, inexperience.  I try and get interupted. I sit down and my mind goes blank.

I think, where did this come from, this urge to write? It sure wasn't something I've had all my life. Even journalling is a battle for me; I start, I stop, I try, I give up... and then I try again. My half finished journals mock me and I think, Is it worth it to try again?

And then I think about taking a college course on writing and I get excited... and then the possibility of attending Allume through the generous gift of another becomes a reality and I think.

Yes, I can dance! Yes, I can write! Yes, I am an artist!

Yes and Yes and Yes! When I fall, I will get back up again.... and dance!


  1. Hi, Julie Anne! I'm visiting from FMF and can certainly relate. I love, love, love to write, but I go through dry spells and wonder if it's ok to write when I'm not overly inspired. Or is it ok to not write if I'm not bursting at the seams with creativity? Either way, you're right--it is a dance, and a beautiful one at that. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I loved your intro since I had almost the same exact thoughts! :) I loved your blog and how you incorporated dancing :) Keep trying and eventually those half finished journal entries will become a wonderful piece in your journey to become the writer God wants you to be! :) thanks for sharing your thoughts

  3. I've always loved to write, though when I look back I can see how it wasn't so much at first. Having to write everyday at work helped hone skills. But just in the past few years I feel the Lord breathing more life into the words He gives... The more we write, the more He enables us. Sounds like He is putting this in your heart. Keep writing and trusting Him to pour His heart through yours :)


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