Saturday, June 30

Project 52 --School's Out

So, as a little bit of everything blogger, who is still trying to find her voice, it seems my photography related posts get the least amount of comments, (maybe it's cause I post so late)  But I really want to stick with Project 52 this year, so bear with me... and feel free to give some comment love! :)

This week's theme is School's Out

For us, school has been out for a month, so I have plethora of pictures that could be applied to this Project 52 prompt, but this day was lots of fun for all of us!

What is your favorite thing about school being out?

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. Everything! I'm a teacher so I appreciate summer for obvious reasons. I love to spend time with my family.

  2. School out does not really affect me at all, both my kids are grown up. It does mean that the kids in the neighbourhood are around more! Watersliding was always one of my kids fun things to do!

  3. Spending time with my daughter when she is home from college and before she takes off on some adventure :) Keep with P52. I made the commitment to do all 52 weeks this year, and through that my blogging love has really taken off. I have found other projects that add to the creative energy for my blog, but P52 started it all for me.

  4. I love getting out of our routine! Just playing it all by ear!! Being lazy when we wanna be -)


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