Friday, June 22

Five Minute Friday --Risk

One of the things I missed most during my 21 Day blogging fast was Five Minute Friday! I'm glad to be back! Today is all about RISK.

Five Minute Friday


Having kids was never #1 on my priority list. I am kinda selfish and like to do my own thing, and DIAPERS, I don't do diapers!  I like to be comfortable (defined: lazy).

And being responsible for another life, that's just scary! Even more so, who would bring a child into this crazy, messed up world. One only has to listen to the news to hear how dangerous it is for kids these days. How can I keep them safe?

On top of that, I always thought that I was responsible for their SOUL, like if they didn't make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ it would be ALL my fault ... talk about pressure.

But God, in His Sovereignty, answered my brief prayer to have a child (ya know, because I thought that's what good married Christian girls did) and then He answered it 3 more times in a span of less than 5 years!!

And life became extremely uncomfortable, and I began to experience risks every single day ...

Did I damage my kids forever by letting them watching Baby Einstien in the early years thinking they might be learning something?
Did I risk autism by following the doctor's plan for vaccines?
What if they got hit by a car while riding bikes in our quiet trailer park?
What if they get exposed to something I don't approve of while they are at someone else's house?
Do I say "crap" to often? (my husband would say yes)
Am I exposing my kids to some disease because they didn't wash their hands after playing in the park before eating lunch?
And now we live out in the country... and there are bear and coyote and who knows what else lurking in the woods...

But I wouldn't want to miss out on the hugs and the kisses, and the "I love you's." And the times they play so nicely together. And the adventures and the conversations and the questions (although a few less would be nice). And the creative water play they participated in today... until the thunder started... because that's a risk I'm not willing to take!


I confess, it's been a few weeks since I participated in Five Minute Friday with my blogging break, so I just couldn't make sense in 5 minutes... It took me closer to 10! ...Grace?


  1. What a beautiful risk they are!

  2. I love the picture in this post and how your littlest one is posing with her skirt flared out like that....too cute! What a beautiful family! And I will always remember how awesome Wes was with Josh when we came to visit that one Thanksgiving weekend. Y'all are good parents with blessed children =)

  3. Grace!
    At the end of the day, I think the beauty of one's children outweighs the risk of having them. Even when heart ache is involved, as it always is. May your children grow up to be all that they are meant to be, as you live it out before them!

  4. Having children IS a is opening our heart to a new level we never thought possible... then when they marry and have children of their own... oh my it is a love one never ever could miss. I am grandma of six now and LOVE it.

  5. I have found the risk of having kids is overshadowed by the joy and love they have brought into my life.


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