Friday, July 6

Five Minute Friday --Story

It's LATE on Friday night and I've been busy vacationing today... spent LOTS of time in the pool today! So blogging wasn't a top priority, but I love Friday's and I love the Five Minute Friday community, so I'm trying to squeeze in a quick five minutes on Story, just for Lisa-Jo and the other fine Five Minute Friday Folks...

Go check it out and join in!
Five Minute Friday


There are times when the story just flows out of you. When you can't stop the rush of words; when you are so excited to share with the world...

Today is not one of those days. My brain is full swelled shut. The ache is there, the confusion overwhelming. The desire to do what is right, but not exactly sure what it looks like.

Aching for a rest, a rejuvenation, a refreshment, but not finding it.  Struggling to make the words come, and coming up empty.

Feeling like my story is unimportant. Like no one wants to hear it, or no one will understand it.

But knowing through it all, that God is writing my story and He sees the beginning and  the end. He knows where He brought me from and where I am today. He is preparing me for what is coming down the road... and I just have to trust, and follow, and obey, and read His Word.

He will not fail me, no matter how many times I fail...


Just feeling a little pessimistic today... I'll just keep looking for JOY


  1. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself—this isn't pessimistic, just an honest women with five minutes time to write out her story...

    Keep writing—and keep up the great work!


  2. He is there, always. It's in the telling my friend, the honest telling. He'll let you know when and where and how... Your story is so important, and I agree with Lisa... Keep writing!

    1. trying to be honest, without offending! :)

  3. There is a story inside you just waiting to come out when the time is right!

    1. thank you... trying to figure out God's timing!

  4. Friend. I have been right there, in that exact spot. And I think that's ok. Just don't stay there. Get up and walk forward. We need to hear what you need to say.

    [And when I'm back at this place you can tell me the same.]

    1. Thanks for visiting and encouraging me while I wait for the story to come!


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