Saturday, July 7

Project 52 --Kaboom

We didn't get the chance to experience fireworks this year... big thunderstorm rolled in, so we figured they would be canceled or rescheduled, so we put the kids to bed... come to find out they postponed until 11:30pm... a little too late for me and my little ones. So I had to look high and low for a "Kaboom" themed picture for Project 52 this week...  Here are some kid level Kabooms


7 little kids throwing down little snappers

2 BIG kids doing cannonballs (My brother in law... and his brother in law)

and some Mentos/Diet Coke fun

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. That works! Cool interpretations!

    1. thanks... I really wished I had taken better pictures of the cannonballs, but it was at night and spotlight wasn't quite reaching that end of the pool!

  2. Nice! I'm sure those kids felt like an artillery unit in the military with those. :)

    1. Kids can be such a riot to watch! :)


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