Wednesday, August 22

Back to School Wreath

I am having just a little too much fun making wreaths to decorate my Red Door... And Pinterest makes it soo easy!  I am almost done making one wreath for every month of the year... what will I do then?

Some that I've already blogged about are
Spring Green Rag Wreath
Five minute $5 Wreath
Patriotic Wreath
FlipFlop Wreath

and Now... A Back to School Wreath 
  Here's the original pin...A Ruler Wreath

I got these wooden rulers for 25 CENTS each!!! (hurray for back to school sales) I should have bought more, I'm sure I could find another project for rulers!! :)


12-14 rulers (I used 12)
6 inch embroidery hoop
hot glue gun
red ribbon
Accents ... small school supplies, scrapbooking stickers, apples or flowers!

So if you are handy, you get a saw and cut the rulers in half (or if you are like me, you sweet talk your husband in to cutting them for you)! Then you lay out half of them on a protected surface like your kids' placemats. (Sidenote: My craft table is so covered with stuff that I can't use it for projects like this... I'm working on it)

Then you carefully glue 12 ruler halves, evenly spaced, to the embroidery hoop (outside ring only)

After it dries (or sooner if you're impatient like me) flip it over and glue the second set to the first set, filling in all the gaps.

take the inner hoop, cut a slit in the inner hoop, measure it to fit inside the rulers and cut off the excess. then hot glue it to the inside for a more finished look. (this step was hard... I tried it 3 times before I got it to fit and look right)

Find a pretty red ribbon... I like polka dots! And loop it around, tie a bow, and have a pretty hanger.

Then accent it with flowers, apples, school themed stuff!!

The felt apples on mini clothespins were a Michael's score!!  They make me happy!

 And now your door is decorated and ready for September!!

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  1. Love it!! You are awesome!! Jen

  2. Super cute! I have a wreath tut I've been meaning to post (2 actually) just haven't found time to do it!

  3. I love this! I might even be able to get my teenagers to do this with me. Thanks:)

  4. What a clever idea! This is the first ruler wreath I have ever seen!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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