Friday, September 14

Five Minute Friday--Focus

Five Minute FridayMy husband started a movie at 9pm last night ... The Hunt for Red October... hurray for Netflix streaming. But that means I was still awake at 11:15... and I jumped on twitter and joined the most awesome twitter party of all time... #FMFParty, where they chat and encourage and wait for the magical hour of midnight ET for  Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday post to go live!! :)

I even decided to write my five minutes last night before I went to bed which I have never done, but I was on the iPad, so I didn't post it. and then I reread it this morning and remember why I wait until morning... or even Friday afternoon to write my Five Minutes . But here it is!! ::)


I feel the tug... to Facebook, to twitter, to favorite blogs. I see the housework... the laundry, the dishes, the dusting. My kids are calling ... Read to me, mommy. I'm hungry. She hit me!

And the world spins and I choose good instead of better, better instead of best, or even just plain wrong. And then I hear the Voice, the still small Voice. The One that matters most. And I give thanks for the #SheReadsTruth community. And the encouragement of my #Allume friends. And I'm reminded about what is most important.

And I read, and I soak, and I think and I meditate. And the day comes into focus. And I make a right choice and a wise choice.

And when I don't, I fall into grace and start again.

I have a camera... It has quite a few settings. I've had it for almost 6 years. And you know what knob I use most?!? ...automatic. I just settle in to comfortable. It's easy, it doesn't take any thinking. It even turns out decent most of the time.

But really I would be much better off, if I would read the manual and figure out some of the other settings. I might even get some stunning shots!

I think the same is true in my spiritual life. I stick to what is comfortable, what I know. Even when changing things up a little could result in something so much more beautiful. Reading the manual, God's set of instructions could really create something beautiful!


so there is my 5 minutes... What's your focus today?


  1. It's incredibly easy to lose focus amidst all the distractions of this world. I'm so thankful for grace!

    I also need to learn more of the functions of my camera! :)

  2. You wrote that last night at 11:30 or so? Brilliant. Loved it, and I feel like you took the words right out of my head and typed them in. It's amazing. The last two days, when I wake in the morning (at 5:30 to get exercise in before kiddos awake) until 7 AM I've banned Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Instead I'm spending that time to do devotionals, write items on my 1000 gifts list and pray. My last two days?? Have been the BEST in months. Amazing how making our faith one of the main things we focus on can improve everything else. Can't wait to keep following you here. Sounds like we think a lot alike. :-)

  3. nice post thanks for sharing the 5 minutes friday...looking for to visit more..blessings

  4. You wrote about the Manual too, I see ;-) So much tugs at us, as though we're some pawn to be captured. Thankfully, God clears everything up for us, even when the picture is fuzzy. As we focus on him, things get clearer.

  5. glad a stopped and read this! What a great word picture "automatic setting" Love that!

  6. My head is spinning with all I want to tell you and I know I'll forget most of it!
    1st--so thrilled you joined in on #FMFParty last night! yay! I hope you can come again sometime.

    2nd--so this is the post you did on your iPad?!? and you could get all that out?!? Wow, does God spill from you friend. Your post spoke to my ugly parts. so blessed to know you.

    3rd--think I'll go cry that I won't be meeting you at allume ;)

  7. So glad you didn't wait! This is beautiful, so true and shows me even more of you. I live on automatic so much of the time, too. A lot of the time I'm so happy to even have power. Sorry we didn't get to hang out last night...and I wish there was a way to sneak Nikki in there with us. :)


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