Tuesday, September 18

Project 52 -- Hobbies

I'm a little behind on posting my Saturday photography post. Life has been ...out of sorts! The kids are finally in school (here's their back to school picture that I wanted for last weekend) and I'm trying to find a routine that includes Bible reading, blogging, taking a writing class, caring for my house and family and still finding time for my favorite hobby...

It's Project 52 time again... this week is hobbies!!  Hurray for hobbies... I think I have a few... reading, writing, crafting, blogging, baking, making handmade cards, keeping my kids happy and alive...

Oh wait, I digress.  My favorite hobby, but not the one I spend the most time on, is card making!!

I take some of these....

and I take a few of these...

and work them together on some of this...

and create a whole bunch of these in hopes that some day they will sell... (here)

(isn't my basement floor rug just lovely... what a great photo backdrop) :)

P52 with Kent Weakley

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What are some of your hobbies?

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  1. Cross stitching, baking, a little knitting and does personal journaling count?? I love your cards!


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