Friday, October 12

Five Minute Friday --Race

Five Minute Friday

It's still Friday, I might just make it in. Time for Five Minute Friday with the lovely Lisa-Jo and all the awesome participants!!

Today's Prompt - Race

My mind is racing so much ... that I just wrote minding instead of mind. My whole day was a race it seems.

Get up and get my kids off to school. Have a little time to myself while the two kids I watched overnight played happily with Lego.  Off to Mom's Alive (an encouragement to moms in our church group)... be refreshed and encouraged by how my story compares to Cinderella (I slave all day over mundane tasks ... but I have been rescued by the King). 

Rushed off to pick up my 1/2 day kindergartener and preschooler and then zip down to Panera Bread where I spent a lovely hour plus getting to know Donna O, my ride to Allume --Seriously this was the best part of my day ... so relaxing, so fun, so encouraging!

Then it was off to Walmart to pick up three items, which turned into $80+. I hate that place. Running late, I return to school to pick up my other two kids and rust to the dentist for their annual visit where I am informed that my 9YO has 3 cavities and really should see an orthodontist.

Then we head to daddy's work for some minor attempts at fundraising for the kids' school through Joe Corbi... I am not a fan of fundraising, even though I know it needs to be done. (feel free to click on that link by Tuesday to place an online order of pre-made cookie dough or pizza kits)

Finally, we arrive at home, where my son cries that I let someone else play with his legos, my daughters play tug-o-war with a dress I just bought them, and I can barely stand up straight enough to make dinner. So we warm up leftover homemade spaghettios and my dear husband rescues me and makes grilled cheese.

I head downstairs to do a special order of personalized birthday cards which took some thought, planning, designing, and then creating. (also a great part of my day... I love it when an idea comes together)

Kids emptied clean dishwasher and I intended to load the dirty dishes, but instead crashed on the couch to twitter and watch an episode of Royal Pains on hulu with the fantastic hubs.

Now it's 10:30 and the kitchen is trashed and I won't be home all day tomorrow either...

I want off this merry go round, and it took me over 10 minutes to write out my day.


Now it is almost 11:30 the kitchen is clean and the dishwasher is running and I am posting this and climbing into bed!

Love to all my Five Minute Friday friends!


  1. Hi Julie Anne
    Thanks for your comment.
    Thanks too for sharing your 'race' day ... made me think I forgot to include 'balance' as an important element in managing and winning the race :-)
    Cheering you on.
    Hi Sabrina,

    Your post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes ...

    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Dr Martin Luther King Jr

    You're right, there is such a prevailing fear of writing or speaking about difficult truths, but when we lose our voice about those truths, we lose a little of ourselves.

    I'm cheering you on.

  2. For some odd reason two separate comments posted here ... sorry about that.

  3. Ah, I can so relate to your day. Hope you have a good and restful sleep tonight! Visiting from 5 minute Friday! :)

  4. Oh, the day you've had! Thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us. I totally share and understand your desire to be off the "merry go round". What fun to meet someone for an upcoming trip! The Allume conference sounds and looks amazing - I keep seeing it all over... I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.

    (I found you through Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday)

  5. The race of life. See you at Allume!

  6. Stopping over from the 5MF! I love this, "I slave all day over mundane tasks ... but I have been rescued by the King". This is the story of my life! So thankful I've been rescued by the King. How wonderful that you are going to Allume! Blessings!

  7. Oh, I can also relate to your day. It can sometimes be so chaotic!

  8. Sounds like HankMed needs to come to the rescue (who knew we shared this love). I'm glad this in all this craziness you had time to recharge through fellowship and creativity!!


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