Thursday, October 18

Quiet Time/ Organization Dayspring Giveaway!

Quiet Time, Bible Study, prayer and reading, devotions ... whatever you want to call it. For me this week, it was non-existent. Just didn't make it a priority. The urgent took over, even the un-urgent.

Distractions here, not enough time there and before I knew it I had gone a whole week without "cracking open my Bible." I put that in quotes because (sshh, don't tell my pastor father) I've been reading my Bible on my iPad through YouVersion. I opened the app once or twice and then got distracted and never actually read it.

You can feel it when you do this. I know I did! Frustrations came easier, outbursts happened a lot, guilt shoved itself in my face occasionally. But the Holy Spirit didn't leave, He just kept prompting me.

And today, I started right. I caught up on my reading plan, Fearless Journey through YouVersion. I took notes... two pages worth and I remembered that grace is always present.

What's working for me these days? What tools do I use?  Well, there is the reading plans from YouVersion, a journal, and pretty colored pens... lots of pretty colored pens! I do a lot of writing out Scripture. I find that helps cement it in my mind and I love coming back and reading over the Scripture, knowing that God's Word does not return void.

Some of my problem this week was too many opportunities, too many things to do... I didn't say "no" when I should have! I'm so thankful for all of it ... a side job, a special card order, my family, my writing class, prep for Allume, baking for church functions... and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head ... there was also dentist/doctor's appointments and family activities and church activities ... and I'm stressing myself out just listing it all.  Problem is I didn't say no and now I'm drowning.

Enter a family planner... will it help? I don't know, but I hope so!!  I had the opportunity to review some product from Dayspring... maybe you've heard of them? I've mentioned them once or twice. :)  This month, I received a fun Peanuts theme Family Planner and a perpetual calendar

Peanuts - Smiles and Blessings - Perpetual Calendar

don't look too close, I think my spider plant needs watered
My kids are loving this calendar, always trying to get there first to change the calendar to the next day, and anxious to check out the cartoon on their birthdays, etc. so it's definitely adding some smiles and blessings to our day... just as promised!

Peanuts - 16 Month 2013 Family Planner Wall Calendar

I had so much fun using my pretty pens to write in our names on the side to keep us all organized and filled in the month of October... it filled up FAST!  I love the pocket in the back holding cute little calendar stickers... and my meal planning info (when I use it). And it's BIG! I had to clear the side of my fridge for it, but I love that I can read it... and fit a lot in one day (maybe that's not a good thing). Anyway, I am thoroughly going to enjoy using it for the next 15 months (it started in September) You should totally go get one. (did I just say, totally?)

Or you could just try to win one here, on my blog! Yep, that's right, I am one of the lucky ones chosen to do a giveaway of this fine Dayspring product.

To win this helpful family planner and festive perpetual calendar, just leave me a comment on the blog telling me...

What tools do you use to spend time with the Lord?
What are your favorite organization tools or Christian studies?

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, October 24 at 10:00 pm EDT (right before I head off to Allume!!)
Giveaway open to US residents only.
Please leave a way for me to contact you in the comments (email, twitter, blog... something!)

disclosure: The Dayspring links in this blog are affiliate links, but I don't know if they work, because no one has ever clicked a link from my blog and ordered anything... so feel free to click one of these links and buy something (Dayspring products make great Christmas gifts), so that I can see if they work!


  1. I read the bible on my iPod while I'm nursing or watching my 2yr old dig in the dirt. I also listen to and watch Joyce Meyer on cd or tv while I'm folding laundry or doing dishes. And I love a good bible study when child is provided... My favorite is Beth Moore And a moms group called moms alive!
    Shannon parry

  2. I've tried YouVersion as well but I prefer my Bible -- feeling the pages, seeing the notes I've made and yes I love all different colors of ink and highlighters. I bought a Bible to carry in my purse when I got tired of reading on my phone, I think I have a Bible in every room of the house - always open ready to read and I enjoy that. I'm participating in the GMG Fall Bible study -- it works great for me because I'm on a different schedule than when our church offers Bible study. Recently I participated in Reviving Your Marriage and Living & Active - found through the blogs and twitter (LOVE). I also listen to my church's sermons via podcast - in the middle of the week -- I like to refresh my mind with what I heard on Sunday and I'm on the prayer team through my church. I follow you on twitter as well.

  3. I read the NET Bible on my Kindle. I love all the notes. And I love Beth Moore studies as well as other Bible-based studies. Currently I am doing a very old Cynthia Heald study. I found the study guide in a box of books that were being thrown out by someone and I am loving it.

    I love Snoopy too!!! A lot. No, seriously, I have a whole collection sitting right next to my bed of Peanuts stuff I have collected since 1975. Woot!

  4. I have my old-fashioned Bible :-) and my journal. Sometimes I use colored pens to mark up my Bible. I'm with you though, I write out parts of the passage that I'm going over. It helps me remember it better. BTW, I lovelovelove the case you haven't figured that out!

  5. I am a youth leader at my church and we actually use You Version to create live events for the kids. If they miss, they can check the live event and stay up to date with the group. I personally still love a leather-bound bible. I have a red one, and it's my go-to bible.

    I love using a dry lighter to highlight my bible. It's like a big crayon - not messy, doesn't run through pages.

    And for organization, I am a foster momma, so we have a lot of appointments. I carry a small pocket calendar in my purse to keep everything straight. I was trying to do it on my iPhone, but I felt like appointments kept getting lost.

  6. I read my Bible--no electronics involved. I am currently using a Bible reading calendar that gets my through the NT twice and the OT once in the year. And I always have my coffee--first thing in the morning on my couch.
    My favorite organizational tool is my list--usually made on a piece of paper that has space for each day of the week, so I can prioritize stuff for each day. As long as I don't loose the paper, it works great!

  7. I read the bible daily with a couple of different devotionals. My favorite one is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I also practice verse memory with my kids and have a family devotional daily:)

  8. I LOVE your Peanuts Calendar!

  9. I use my Bible, YouVersion and the BlueLetterBible app. I love it for the concordance.

  10. Aside from my bible, I don't really have anything else I use...though I do read blogs like incourage and a few other great Christian blogs, so perhaps the computer counts? :) Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  11. I love writing out Scriptures. I use printable business cards and write the verse on one side and a prayer or another version on the other side. They can easily slip into my wallet or book. I also like podcasts. I turn them on while I check e-mail or cut coupons.

    mamaomuss (at) yahoo (dot) com


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