Thursday, October 25

Five Minute Friday --Voice

Five Minute Friday

It's #FiveMinuteFriday... and I am here... in the same room as Lisa-Jo... and so many awesome #FMFParty friends!!

(I'm not a fan of doing this without thinking for a few minutes... or hours first) I have already thought of new ideas since I wrote these following five minutes on:


My voice seems so small in this sea of women. But they embrace me. "I hear you, I see you." And the voice of laughter is so refreshing! I laugh and I hear laughter and my heart fills and my throat hurts. But I keep talking and I keep listening and the community grows.

I sometimes wonder if my voice is heard. So many voices out there. But I come here and you know me and you embrace me and we connect. I didn't know you read my blog. And though you follow me on twitter, I think I might get lost in the sea of tweets. But you know me and you hear my voice and I am filled.

"When God gives you a message ... speak it." (Sarah Mae). And I want to speak His words. I want people to see Him in my words. I want to be a voice for Jesus.

Can you hear Him? Can you see Him?


  1. Julie Ann,
    I love it, and so wish I could be in the room with y'all. Take it all in, and share it in your writing. And I'm glad you didn't change a word. Beautiful!
    Peace and good,

  2. Hi Julie Ann,

    How wonderful that you want to point to Jesus with your words, and to be at Allume...praying you continue to experience His blessings there :)

  3. AMEN! What a privilege for you to be at Allume! So thankful for your voice!

  4. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time already! I'm so glad. Enjoy your time away.

  5. I want to speak His words. Me too! Thank you for sharing your voice and be blessed:)

  6. I hear you! I love your writing!
    Have a blast!!!

  7. Your words put me in touch with my "inner happy"!

  8. I hear your voice. I see you! So nice to have met you at Allume! Stay in touch :-) Love, Traci Michele


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