Thursday, December 13

Deck the Halls for Christmas

I was originally going to use this post to share about my awesome new ornament wreath that I made... but alas, it didn't turn out quite like I expected. But here's a picture of it. It doesn't quite fit in my door when you close the door, so it's hanging in my hall... and I could use a few more ornaments to fill in the top! :)


I love our tree this year. We got all new lights this year. We (I mean, my dear husband) got tired of messing with all the strands that only half worked and kept fritzing out on us, so we splurged and bought LED lights (while they were on sale). Like I told you a few weeks ago, my kids decorated the tree without me and I think they did a great job!  I did decide that it needed some tinsel, so I hunted some down the last time I went shopping and added it to the tree. I think our tree this year is just perfect!! I can't wait to add some presents under it... My husband says I have to wait until Christmas Eve. Problem is, I think it has already stopped drinking water and I'm not sure we will have any needles left in 2 weeks!  :)

Another part of my Christmas decor that I just LOVE is my "mantle." It is really just a shelf with some hooks on it, but I love it and try to change it for each season. I kept it super simple this year with greenery, white lights, a small nativity and a beautiful print from Be Small Studios.

I have a few other items, here and there. I pulled out a few Christmas pot holders and towels for the kitchen. And I have some fancy Christmas serving dishes that might make an appearance before the end of the month. I also rearranged my Dayspring Message Blocks for Christmas... :)

Do you go all out in decorating? Or mostly just a tree? or somewhere in between like me?  feel free to share a link of your decor in the comments!!

Still trying to share a little bit of Christmas with you through a blog hop... check out these lovely ladies for more Christmas delight...


  1. Love all of it! Great job. Miss you oooddles and oooodles!!

  2. Your kids did well with the tree! I hope your tree starts drinking again.


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