Monday, December 17

Dreams --Are they mine or God's?

People talk a lot about dreams these days ... dreams for the future, dreams for great success, dreams for their kids, dreams for themselves ... God-sized dreams, small dreams, impossible dreams, selfish dreams, others focused dreams, ministry dreams, financial dreams. the list goes on and on.

Dreams are also desires and I think of Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

I always thought I had a God-sized Dream. This is a phrase I picked up from  Holley Gerth, Squee Inc. and Write it, Girl link up back in March. (ps. doesn't this make you wanna sing with Tangled... I've Got a Dream)

I have this hobby of making handmade, hand-stamped notecards. It ebbs and flows. Back when I lived in a two-bedroom trailer with four young children, there wasn't much space (or time) for crafting. I made cards here and there, enough to give them as gifts for my family, for baby showers, for teacher gifts.

Then we moved into this home on the mountain, with my red door, and I got my own little space with a large desk, some shelves, and an opportunity to work whenever I could find the time.  And for the last two years my dream has been a little stagnant. I've had no direction, no accountability, no self-discipline, no start up cost, to turn this hobby into a business.

Recently, I started wondering... Is this my dream, or God's dream for me? Has He planted this seed or is it my selfish desires? Is it about making money, or could I use this for ministry, for God's glory, to bless others?

I don't know where it's going, what I want the end result to be, but I want to find out. I want to hold my dream with an open hand.

Maybe it will just stay a hobby, maybe I will use it to bless friends and families, or missionaries. Or maybe it will become something more. But whatever happens, I pray that it will always be about bringing glory to His Name.

I'm also super excited to be a part of Holley Gerth's God-sized Dreams Team.  You can learn all about it here and join us on Tuesdays at her blog!!

just this ... "Ignoring them means ignoring a core part of your purpose. And when we do that, we feel restless and empty."

I would love to know! What are some of your dreams? Did you know they might be "God-sized"?  Share with me in the comments!!

PS... God gave me my OneWord365... during Thanksgiving, actually. I think it ties in to my dream, quite nicely... CREATE!


  1. I just reestablished with Holly's blog and am looking forward to next month. The question which titles this post is the one I most often ask myself. How do I know it's something I should do? How can I be sure it's a path I should take? Especially when there's a part of my brain that is always saying, "Do not try to make any money. Because you have to rely on God for that." And I wonder.... is that from God, or is it my fear using reliance as an excuse. I don't know.

  2. I love to be creative with sewing or writing or graphic design... I love love love it. Whether God's planted that dream in my heart or it's just the way he's programmed me, I'm not sure yet, but I am working on how I can use these gifts to further His Kingdom. Great post!

  3. I saw a dream become reality this year, with my books. A couple of years ago, I never would have believed they were anything more than just my own thoughts, until God kept confirming things, and speaking louder than my doubts....

  4. I have a few things that I enjoy that have God-sized dream potential: blogging, baking & crochet. I haven't yet started dreaming in specifics, but I'm very open to see where God is leading me. I don't want any of my dreams to be overshadowed by the appeal of a dollar. But to be able to pay off debt from doing something fun and loveable?? Bonus!!!

  5. Love your cards, your words, you!! Blessings on crazy dream is on my blog, it's a little...ummm...zealous.

  6. Do we need to have "The Talk" again?

    Fly little bird. FLY!!!! Go create!

    Be the woman God made you to be, an artist. Make your cards. Make them with all the heart and talent that He has given you. Use your gifts, glorify him and create!!!

    Ok, talk over. Go!

  7. Dreams --Are they mine or God's? This title alone stir up so many emotions in me. I have a dream and if it is to happen God has to direction and therefore it is a God sized dream. However, I think the big question is the one your title ask and that is if it is actually a God directed dream. Several years ago I felt God calling me to begin sharing my testimony and bible teaching with ladies groups. I have studied, written talks, shared the dream and prayed. Oh I have prayed a lot. There have been very few doors open for me to walk through and share. Just as I get ready to give up I find a blog like this, a tweet or a word from a friend that seems to be just the push I need to refocus and carry on. Thanks to you and Holley for feeding into all our dreams not matter how far God wants to take them

  8. Love this Julie! I also struggle with figuring out whether my dreams are exclusively mine or if God's planted the desire in my heart. Mostly I struggle with timing, like maybe it's God's dream for me but do I need to make if happen now, or can I put it on hold and go back to it later?


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