Wednesday, January 23

Writing Wednesdays: Poetry

My blog has been quiet this week... No time to edit my thoughts, write things pretty, find pictures to go along with it, and share it all with you!  I'm discouraged just a little bit.

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Just for a miscellaneous update... I'm still working my way through Frankenstein for my Brit Lit class (and actually liking it) Did you know that "Frankenstein" is not the monster?  ... He was the creator of the monster! and did you know the author of this book was NINETEEN when she wrote it!?!?!

I had a way too short coffee date with Donna... one of my Allume friends. She's such an encouragement. I really appreciate all the people I got to meet at Allume last year... and I really want to go again this year and am now accepting donations to my Allume fund! :)

MY BABY turned five this weekend and I was very busy celebrating her, celebrating with her and hosting a Dora birthday party for her! She is PRICELESS!!!

But the main reason for this post is:
I said I wanted to share some writings with you from my Creative Writing class and this week is Poetry! I had lots of fun with this one, so I'm sharing it with you! I hope you like it.

Early Morning Mist From a River Carpets the Length of the East Randolph, Vermont, Valley, 05/1974

Foggy Personality

Little wisps moving here and there,
They weave themselves through branches bare.
Light and airy, floating ‘round
It dances to and from the ground.
     Delicate fog 

Quickly moving across the field,
Not even the tree line makes it yield.
Lighter first, then filling in,
The neighbor’s house is falling dim.
     Rolling fog 

Settled in the valley low
Patches of clouds row upon row,
Mixed with fields, and trees of green,
Makes an artist’s painting scene.
     Beautiful fog

Looking through the window frame,
My backyard always looks the same.
The air turns heavy, wet, and cold.
The scenery changes, dark and bold.
     Heavy fog 

Tree branches scraping in the wind,
Sight obscured, my heart skips within.
I take two steps, maybe three at most,
Though nothing’s moving, I feel ghosts.
     Ominous fog

Driving up the mountain steep,
The air so thick, I cannot see.
My fists are clenched tight to the wheel,
I’m gonna die for sure, I feel.
     Strangling fog 

The windowpanes are fully white.
Inside the fire is burning bright.
All tucked in tight, no place to go,
A heavy blanket on my home.
     Comforting fog

There are a few lines that I don't like, so it still needs some work... suggestions welcome!

Have you ever written poetry?


  1. LOVE this! You make me want to take another writing course!

  2. Good job, Julie! Great work. Each stanza (that's the proper terminology, right??) painted a different image in my mind. Fog does cover all of those aspects.

  3. Oooh, I really really like this. Great job. Very visually stimulating. Thanks for sharing this with us. I know that's hard, but you did great!

  4. Love this! I used to go out on my high rise balcony in Chicago when I saw the fog coming. I wanted to feel it. Just beautiful!

  5. Very lovely. I actually wrote a few poems last week. Working on another project that I still need to write 5,900 words for to be able to submit by next week!!

  6. your mom, julie, is very impressed <3


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