Friday, February 8

Five Minute Friday: Bare

Five Minute Friday
I didn't intend to stay up until midnight! I had grand plans of going to bed by 10pm... but I was working on these character sketches for my Creative Writing class... and then I popped on twitter and got swept up in the fellowship and encouragement that is the #FMFParty... and before I knew it, it was 11:30 so I figured I'd just stick it out and see what I could come up with at midnight for five minutes on the prompt... (even though my brain doesn't work well this late at night!)

Five Minute Friday: Bare

The trees are bare, the air is bare, my soul is bare... I'm not a huge fan of the late fall, early winter, dry winter.  I sink into darkness, I miss the sunshine. My heart is bare. (and my mind is a little bare, too)

I've never been a huge fan of snow (funny, because I grew up near Buffalo, NY). and last winter, I didn't complain at all that it barely snowed twice all season long.

But this year, I'm ready for a good snow storm... like 2 or more feet of snow. Now that the kids can go out and play in the snow for hours on end, I'm ready.  Enough of these wimpy 3-4 inches of snow that are just a nuisance and disappear before you can really enjoy them.  Give me a snow that lasts for 2 weeks.

That's it. Then I will be ready for spring, for green and flowers, and buds and birds, and freshness all around.

and some sunshine that lasts all day and warms and fills this bare soul of mine.


Are you bare? Will you share your 5 minutes on the prompt bare? ... or you can just leave me a one word sentence in the comments on bare... (I dare you)


  1. I am so excited that you were my FMF neighbor. I thought of the bare trees too. I hope I get some of your snow, the kids want a snow day. And as you say, I hope our bare souls continue to find new life in Him.

  2. Hoping you get your snow... followed by the warmth of spring friend.

  3. Hi Julie,
    We are so kindred..wait till you see my post and the photo I is your dental hygienist character sketch coming along? I'm impressed you stayed up late to write.

    Praying that God will help you finish your story for your class.


  4. Hope you get your snow. And then we can all have some sunshine :)

  5. So jealous of the snow you may be getting. I'm a Michigander living in central Illinois....I embrace the moments I get to sled with my kids, and take my youth group skiing a ways north. If only we could get some blizzard-love here. I pray God blesses your snow days with the family!!! :)

  6. We have snow here in MI :) I wrote about bare trees and bare souls. So we were on a similar page (just a little different in direction). I loved your photo. Have a great Friday!

  7. Yes, I hope you get your snow too. In fact, I hope you get all the snow that is meant for us. I am not a snow gal, give me sunshine and warmth any day but I will admit that I would rather have lots than a few messy inches that melt and slop about.

  8. Did you pick up your milk, bread and toilet paper :-)

  9. Well, I hope you get snow and glad that it will be you and not me :)
    Be blessed:)

  10. Wow! So many people up at the crack of midnight writing about being bare. I was there too, and in good company. Here's hoping you get your good snow storm.

  11. Yes! So bummed I'm not going to be getting in it. East snow cream and throw snowballs for me today. Enjoy everyone of those flakes you get from Nemo! I'm not a fan of this bare gey-brown either. Bring on the white stuff! You did amazingly well for a tired midnight write!

  12. While I LOVE love love Fall (and wrote about it for 31 days! LOL!) I am not a fan of the cold and the snow and the long winter either! I pray you get your snow... and I pray Spring comes quickly as well! In all the bareness... it can look barren - like no life is out there, or in here... it's good for us to remember that it is - we are - not!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No sign of a barren soul found here!
      P.S. Enjoy the snow!

  14. Great word pictures. I can see the hard work is paying off. Happy snow days!

  15. snowing is my happy place. i hope you get it.

  16. Hi Julie Ann
    Only as our hearts go through its winter, lying bare covered in snow, will ther be beautiful fruit in the summer as the Son shines on us!
    Happy FMF

  17. This is lovely and I feel the same never been a fan of winter but here in Chicago we haven't had much either!! Hope you get your snow:)

  18. It's so interesting how so many people wrote about the bare trees. I did too, and so did everyone else I've read so far, except one.

    Despite our all having the same subject matter, I think it's interesting how many different ideas there are.

  19. So... did you get your snow?!!! I loved how the day went on the bare branches were outlined in white- it was lovely here in Rochester. I must confess- I AM a snow lover, but I will be ready for Spring very soon!

  20. What? You only want the snow to last for 2 weeks?! That's not enough time---ha ha!

    Everything is bare, stripped down for a winter's rest. And then new growth come spring.

  21. Gosh, we're from Mississippi and I love the snow (every three years) for about ten minutes. I'm already ready for Spring and "freshness all around". Enjoyed reading your words!


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