Thursday, April 4


Two weeks ago, the Five Minute Friday prompt was Remember. And I was really going to write. I was all ready to spend five minutes writing about how I remember when I used to blog 4-5 times a week; when writing something, anything was a priority. 

I remember calling myself a writer and dreaming about writing meaningful blog posts that reached the hearts of my friends in real life and the friends I've made online  I dreamed about taking Scripture and applying it to my daily life and sharing how God was working. 

I wanted to remember the WHY of my God-sized Dreams so that I could figure out the HOW of pursuing these dreams.


Then this past Friday, the Five Minute Friday prompt was Broken ... And a whole flood of emotions poured into my heart and mind. Because I feel a little broken. Maybe even a lot broken. 

Like a few brain synapses broken--some connection between my brain and my hand is broken. Somewhere between the desire to do and the discipline to do ... BROKEN. I said I was determined to write and blog again, but I just couldn't manage to follow through. Even this writing, will it ever get typed, will it ever get posted? (it did).

Ideas come to mind, but I think I need to make an 800-word blog post out of it and have every thought come to a neat conclusion before I share it with you.

So today, I'm just sharing that I'm feeling a little broken and I could use a little glue to put me back together again...

And tomorrow is FRIDAY again, and I plan to be here again for Five Minute Friday... but on Friday this time!


  1. I think I can relate. I go through times when I have all these thoughts and ideas, and even feel God moving me to share what I've learned with others. And then...nothing. I kind of feel that way now and I'm wondering if it's disguised fear. Is the enemy getting me to stall and drag my feet, and then when I realize it, I feel...uninspired? I'm not sure if that's the right word, but I'm pretty sure fear and the enemy are at the root of it.

    Whatever it is, God has the glue to put us back together. He gives us the rest we need, and through Him we can kick fear to the curb.

    I'm glad to be in this God-sized dream journey with you. :)

  2. Girl, I'm right there with you. So many days I feel broken too. He is our glue though isn't He?

  3. Oh I'm right with you...feeling like the broken is what defines me rather than the One Who is our Glue.

    But sometimes, just putting it to words is what He uses to bring us back whole again.

  4. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who loses the writing mojo and has trouble getting it back. Thank Jesus for putting us back together. :)


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