Tuesday, July 2

Behind the Scenes: Pool time

crystalstine.me Just a little Behind the Scenes look at one of my recent Instagram shots. What does it look like when you take a picture?

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So, I have four kids, which makes capturing a perfect picture ... Impossible!! And as much as I love candid pictures, and I even attempt to capture them in the moment... Occasionally I try to "pose" a candid and it just doesn't work. Like this cute picture of all my kids enjoying the grandparents' pool...

Behind the scenes there was a little bit of traffic direction by me and a little bit of me getting frustrated when I couldn't get them all in a square for the perfect Instagram shot. And a little bit of four kids swimming four different directions. And there may have been a few deep sighs from my husband as I tried to set up the perfect shot of my kids all in the pool together.

But life is not perfectly posed family shots, or even perfect candids. In real life, it is not so easy to get four kids all looking the same direction and smiling (unless they are watching the Disney Channel on TV). I used to want to be a photographer... and even had it in my blog profile (it might still be there--needs updating), but I've let that one go. Now I just want memories, preferably ones that aren't blurry and an occasional one where everyone is looking at the camera!

So I thank God for my four kids, each unique, each on their own path that God is directing. I thank God for my husband who lets me attempt to take "posed candids" until it takes too long.

And me, I will just keep learning patience and learn to let go of the perfect Instragram shot!

Community Conversation: Which do you like better, candids or everyone looking at the camera shots? Are you an Instagram addict?

This remarkable event of two blogposts, two days in a row, brought to you by the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I totally understand!! I can never get my 4 kids in the shot, all looking at the camera AND smiling! My youngest will smile all day long for individual pics of herself but never for a group pic - drives me crazy. Thanks for an encouraging post!!

  2. It's not even easy to get TWO kids to look the same way and smile at the same time! I am partial to candids because they are more like snippets of real life and not posed. But I think there's a place for those posed shots too.

  3. I love both the candid and the posed but I have to admit I am not a photographer. I wish I had taken more pictures when my kids were little.

  4. I haven't jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet, though it's tempting. And this is tempting me even more. :)

    When I want a picture for a frame or to display somewhere, I usually want it posed, but I do like candids because those often capture the best moments. :) And my husband (who is a much better photographer than I am) says he hates posed photos. (He taught yearbook for several years and swore that He would never used posed pictures.) But, honestly, I like them both. Great post, friend!

    P.S. I think you did an awesome job getting all four of them in the picture! :)

  5. I think I want "perfect pictures" but often the best ones are candids. They is something about catching someone being themselves that makes the photo more true. Also, I have been resisting Instagram because I am afraid of becoming an addict.

    Really cute family!


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