Monday, July 1

You have to start where you are

I have been a blogger on and off for over 9 years now, and most days I still feel like a newbie. I have never made any money off my blogging. I am not sure I have more than 20 readers and only a few regular commenters. I have never made a dime off my blogging, though I have gotten a few free items to talk about on my blog. And I still haven't found my "blogging niche."

But I know that it is something I enjoy and I know that it is something I would like to improve so I keep looking for inspiration.

 I've been reading Shauna Niequist's book, Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes which is the (in)courage Bloom book selection this summer and one thing I got from it (in relation to cooking... and to blogging) is that you learn with your hands. You can read all you want about any given subject, but until you dig into it hands-on and try it out for yourself, you will never improve.

"Reading is a great place to begin, but there is no substitute for hands, knife, pan."

My paraphrase on it is "Reading is a great place to begin, but there is no subsitute for writing, typing, editing, formatting."

"The words on the page don't do it justice, They never do. At a certain point, you have to pick up a knife. You have to start where you are." a certain point, you just have to start typing. You have to start where you are. So I am! I've seen a few friends posting some things about the Ultimate Blog Challenge, so although I'm starting on the first day, I'm not behind yet!


Just to be clear, I am NOT going to attempt to post every single day for 31 days straight. I am attempting to live my life and sometimes I let blogging get in the way of that, so I will probably still take the weekends off.

The first page of the free e-book that you get when you sign up for the challenge says "Just get started and Be Consistent." ... and that, my dear reader friends, is where the problem comes... Being consistent is not one of my strengths. If I was being honest, and I would like to be, consistency is a very weak area in my life.

The next page discusses where to get blog post ideas... and I'm going to ask you for some help in that area... are you ready?

Community Conversation: What is it that you want to start (or improve on) but haven't yet? Have you read (or are you reading) Bread and Wine? and most important, Can you give me some blog post ideas for the next few weeks?


  1. This is a great post! I am in the same boat... I am a long time Blogger - but haven't been the most consistent with it. I dig in and get overwhelmed by the business side of things... so I back way off. Last Fall I felt the call to be consistent and that is what I've been working on! You can do it!

    Yes - I am reading Bread & Wine (Bloom) and LOVING it as well! That part about being hands-on really resonated with me as well!

    As far as Blog post ideas... find some link ups - that is what has helped to keep me consistent! I am hosting one this week about Vacations - feel free to link up with me... of course there is always Lisa Jo's Five Minute Fridays and Emily Freeman has one this week as well on things you learned in June...

    I will be checking back here to see others' post ideas too... I always find it's best to write what you know... but suggestions, tips, and topic ideas are always helpful!


    1. Thanks you, Karrilee, for your encouraging words. I think the key is being consistent and I need some consistency in quite a few areas of my life! :) hoping we get some good post ideas!

  2. Loved this and I need to read that book, sometimes I feel I make writing harder than it is, or I second guess myself all the time. Really when I just write, it is easier.

    1. I definitely make writing harder than it is... which is why I love Five Minute Friday so much! I think the hard part is just showing up to write every single day!!

  3. I've been on and off blogger for at least 8 years, had a little following but nothing but major. I spend more time trying to please others by continuing my blog with what they wanted to read but my heart wasn't in it. I took a year off from blogging before I stared back up. I haven't read the book but now I'm going to look into it. I'm not a natural writer - but I love to write anyway. I have been mainly writing lately about online Bible studies I'm apart of. I don't want to just focus on Bible study though. I usually don't comment much on other blogs which is something I want to change. Have a great day ~ Martha

    1. Yes, commenting on other blogs is a big part of the community that I am trying to work on

  4. Julie, this is such a great post. I struggle with the same thing, I keep reading about writing, blogging and business and need to just start :)

    I just got Bread & Wine and I'm hoping to start it this week.

    As for blog post ideas. . . Um, summery kinds of things maybe. How about a simple tutorial for a handmade card?

    I'm on a blogging break this month but still enjoying reading posts, will be looking forward to reading what you come up with. Love ya my friend!

    1. I might have to take a bloggy break if I make it through this week! thanks for the blog ideas!!

  5. Does losing weight count as something that I need to work on??? I won't ask you to post on weight loss though!

    I enjoy your posts about your paper crafting. I'm a cross stitcher not a paper crafter, so I enjoy seeing your brand of creativity. Isn't God cool to give us all different types of creativity?

    1. Yes, I'm thinking a paper craft post or two will be on the agenda! :)

  6. I'm going to second Linda. I would love to read more about your card-making process from concept to execution. I love reading how others do their "work". Maybe even a vlog is in order here if you know how to do it. I would be clueless.

    C is my middle initial, but it definitely does NOT stand for consistency. I have a love/hate relationship with lots of C-words. :)

    Maybe do acrostic posts from "Whimsical Words" That will get you 14 - nearly 3 weeks worth. You've got this, girl!!

  7. I am a poor commenter :( but know I am reading!
    As for ideas, I agree with another commenter about finding linkups to join, or challenges. Sometimes I get great inspiration from my Bible study or anything else I am reading.
    I dont really have a niche either, and it drives me wild that everyone HAS to have one. Cant I just blog as me and have others get it??


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