Wednesday, August 7

Julia, Music, and God

One month can go by so fast and yet so slow... It's been one month since my niece was transferred to Heaven.

Do you believe in coincidences? I don't...

We have a very eclectic mix of music in our iTunes account. My husband loves any and all kinds of music. Tonight (Wednesday) I tried to pull up KloveRadio on our appleTV, but it wouldn't work, so I went with our music library instead while I was making dinner...

And I heard this song...

Angels stood at attention
when she was called away
For she'd held the hand of Jesus every day.
Heaven's choir played her anthem
As they welcomed one so rare.
heaven knows she is 
the prettiest flower there.

And the dam burst and I just started crying... and then I had to find the title and the singer and YouTube it and listen to it over again while dinner burned. Well, actually dinner did NOT burn, but it was a whole lot harder to prepare through the tears.

and then I heard this song

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name

and I give thanks for the ministry of music. And for the variety that shows up on my playlist, that God can orchestrate for me.

And back to the coincidences, in the business of summer, I am sure there is more than one person in my life who didn't catch the news that my niece died. One of those dear friends lives in Oregon and caught a post on Facebook and messaged me asking for more details. I was glad to be able to share with her some of the story, some things about Julia, and her deep love for children... And my dear friend wrote me back...

If she loved kids then I think she was there yesterday when my friend lost her baby after carrying it to term. She knew he would not live and had the courage to carry him all the way anyways. I have a feeling he's in good hands with your niece now!

And I don't know what heaven is like or anything, and we aren't going to get into the theology of it here, but I do know that she's probably got a lot of babies to hold.

I miss her!


  1. ((Hugs)) I, too, am so thankful for music and the way God uses it to minister to my soul many times. I can not believe it has been a month.

  2. ((Hugs)) and payers. My niece passed away at 14, it's so hard to see them go so young. Music is a blessing - it does help in healing. I'm so thankful she knew the Lord and that she is home 'where we want to be'- Blessings, Martha

  3. Friend, I've thought of and prayed for you and your family so often in the past month. I'm sorry I didn't say much...the words are hard sometimes and feel so inadequate. I'm so sorry for the deep loss you have suffered...just from how you've so beautifully described Julia, I am sure she's the prettiest flower in Heaven. It doesn't make the earthly ache any easier...but it does remind us of the Hope we have. You are in my prayers. (((hugs)))

    1. thanks mel, from Julie's mom and Julia's nanny... God is good- all the time!!


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