Friday, October 11

#31Days of Dove Promises-Eleven

Five Minute Friday

Here's another attempt to mix Five Minute Friday with 31 Days of Chocolate, because we know behind all good writing is some good chocolate...

Today's Prompt: Ordinary

 photo 39e5a9b23155f5905ccc6e1b6b09d618_zps1318f900.jpg


Seasons come and season go; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. We each have our favorites. Mine has always been SUMMER because I like sunshine and I need warmth.  While Autumn is beautiful, it means that Winter is coming... and that is one season I could mostly live without!

But one thing I never take for granted is the colors of fall. They are anything but ordinary! God splashes his paintbrush across my Pennsylvania mountains and every day the scene changes just a little bit. A little more red here and bucket of yellow here and let's remove that green and leave that tree bare for a contrast in the scenery.

And up here on my mountain, as the leaves fall, it opens up a whole new view of the valley... yes, it's a city down there, but it's still beautiful. I always want to be noticing, always giving thanks for the beauty that God shares with us every day. I want to take time to notice!

And I want to take time for chocolate, because we all know there ain't nothing ordinary about good chocolate!!

 photo 36aee9546cafe1889f7bf912518c0a84_zps3924fba4.jpg

 photo 828fd3f89e721d7c70862c56119a0f02_zps3cdd2775.jpg

Community Conversation: What does Fall mean where you live? Do you see it as ordinary or extraordinary?

 photo 1abc6359-4158-4bb8-974f-49cf3060c5d5_zpsec059870.jpg

Yes, I am working to share one promise every day. To see all my #31Days of Dove Promises head to this page and bookmark it, pin it, or just subscribe to my blog and we can enjoy a little bit of chocolate together every day this month.

and if you have lots of time to spare, check out all the #31Days topics at The Nester!


  1. So right!! love God's paintbrush this time of year. Have a blessed day and let's connect soon :) love you, Jen

  2. Gorgeous colors! We lived in Florida for 5 1/2 years, and now that we are back in Michigan (while I dread winter), I never take the fall colors for granted. And what's not to love about chocolate?

  3. Thank you for sharing His glory - breathtaking shots!

  4. Nicely done - tying your 31 Days into FMF! There is nothing ordinary about the way He paints our world in the fall. And nothing ordinary about chocolate either. :-)

  5. I love to see the colors in your neck of the woods. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for giving us all a taste of fall "back East". Have a most excellent weekend my friend. You ROCK!


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