Monday, August 25

Five Minute Friday: Change

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It was 20 years ago that I walked into this building for the first time as a naive, scared-to-death, 17 year old college freshman. A lot has changed since then... except for the scared to death part. Why is it that I can be 20 years older, but the thought of papers, and quizzes, and presentations, and interactions with kids half my age SCARES ME TO DEATH.

Twenty years ago, I was looking for a quick degree... just an AA, no big deal. Just enough of an education to get a job being a secretary. (Yes, back then we were still called secretaries instead of administrative assistants). I loved typing, numbers, and organization, but I hated the phone.

Life has brought about a lot of change in the last 20 years. I graduated, I got married... and then I had 4 kids in 4 and a half years... and somewhere in there I started blogging and discovered writing as a way to express myself, as a way to think, as a way to process life.

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And I decided I wanted to be a writer and my husband encouraged me to go back to school and get a communications degree... what was he thinking? What was I thinking?

I've taken a few classes here and there, but this semester it's TWO classes (come on, I'm a wife and mom... can't put too much on my plate) and for some reason, I get an unbelievable fit of nerves at the beginning of each semester. Nevertheless it's back to school time and back to campus, even though I feel old and wonder how I can do it with all those young'ns on a college campus.

Rules have changed, campus has changed, I have changed! And that is where I need to focus. I'm not 17 anymore. Life has given me a lot of experience, something that I can share with these young whippersnappers. Life will change for them over the next 20 years and I can go to campus knowing that I have something to offer them and to remember that they have something to offer me.

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Change is not something I look forward to, but I know that it can be good for me. So this fall, I enter this building with anticipation, not trepidation and I go in confidence that this is what God wants for me and I will do the best that I can, not for the approval of man, but for God's glory. Change is what gets me out of my comfort zone and that's what I need right now.

What does change look like for you?  

Join me and the other writers at Five Minute Friday and share your five minutes on change!

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  1. I so envy you going back to class. For the first time in a few years I won't be. I just finished my diploma in counselling and my studying time is over. I do still get to teach one class a week and I have to admit that makes me a bit scared even though I taught for twenty years or more. I hope you enjoy your classes. You are almost certainly not the only one who is scared!


    1. oh, teaching would scare me even more! So glad you are being brave and doing it!
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. HAPPY back to school day! Hope this year is full of adventure and learning....and teaching those college kids a thang or two! :0).

    1. Thank YOU for this encouragement! Hoping to find some time in the busy schedule to connect with you! I miss our chats!!!

  3. Oh my gosh....a thousand kudos to you!!! Years ago I considered going back to school (sometimes I still do) but that comfort zone you spoke of...yep, that's what held me back. Terrific post here. I love your words about change getting us out of those comfort zones. Really good stuff!

    1. It's been amazing already... the enthusiasm of those young kids definitely rubs off on me! :)

      and remember, it's never too late to try something new and get out of your comfort zone!!


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