Wednesday, August 12

God will bless the work of your hands

Sometimes in this journey to discover and pursue my God-sized dreams, sometimes in this desire to be a writer...
Sometimes I just have to open my journal even if it is already 10:00 at night and I don't want to write, but I don't want to quit this attempt at daily writing. Sometimes in that moment the journal itself gives a writing prompt.

Right there staring me in the face is Deuteronomy 16:15. 

"God will bless you ... in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete."

Writing is the work of my hands. Card making is the work of my hands. Continuing my education is the work of my hands. The meals I prepare, the baking I do, the time I invest in my kids and husband, even folding the laundry is the work of my hands.

The writing and the card making have been stagnant for far too long. I don't need to whine and cry about too much to do, or fear of failure, or uncertainty about how to proceed. 

I just need to stop procrastinating.

The work of my hands.
How can God use me?
How can God bless the work of my hands?
I have been keeping my hands closed, not writing, not creating, not making art. God can't bless what I'm not creating. But I can create again, if I open my hands and work with them.

What is it God is calling you to do, to create, to work with your hands? Are you doing it? How can we encourage one another today?


  1. Oh, oh, oh!! This is good stuff!! Don't you love how God's Word just shouts at us in the most "random" (not at all random) ways?

    1. I love the random, not so random!! :)
      Thanks for visiting, Amy


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