Wednesday, August 19

Five Minute Friday: Learn

Wednesday seems as good a day as any to write and post a Five Minute Friday blogpost.

Five Minute Friday: LEARN

A new school year is on the horizon, not just for my kids, but for me, too. I never set out to be a #studentmom. I thought for sure my two years of a "Secretarial Program" (now it's called Office Administration) would get me through life just fine. And after seven years of various office jobs, I was ready to come home, stay home, and be a mom.

However, two things happened...

One, I suddenly started learning again. It's crazy how my kids teach me more than I am teaching them. Every day (even when I don't realize it) I am learning from them, through the situations we face, through the growing process. My kids are some of the most grueling educators I know...

I also discovered that I wasn't done with formal book learning. And 15 years after I hung up my pencils, papers, and textbooks, I started up again. This time for a BA in Communications/writing. To be honest, these on-campus classes freak me out a little bit. My brain isn't as fresh as it used to be. I have a lot more responsibilities and distractions than I did out of high school. And because I am a people pleaser, I always wonder how the young "whippersnappers" I'm in class with, will take to the middle aged MOM in their class.

I've discovered something in the last three years of continuing education... Experience goes a long way, and brings a new element to the learning process. Experience is a valuable teacher.

I never set out to be a lifelong learner, but it turns out that is what God wants of each one of us--even if it's not in the classroom setting!

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  1. Congrats on going back to school. That's something I've been thinking about doing for the past couple of years, but I've been dragging my feet. I'm glad I found your blog today. I really enjoyed the visit. Have a great week ahead... :)

  2. Kudos on your school journey! It takes guts to go back to college! There is something about learning that keeps us on our toes and expands our world!


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