Monday, January 30

My todo list

Ten things I will be doing instead of being on my computer.

It's been a while since I had a computer free day... And as I get ready for bed tonight I realize that both my kids and I could benefit from a mini fast! So instead of working on blog posts, reading all my favorite blogs, perusing Pinterest, editing pictures, and nosing around Facebook, here is what I hope to accomplish Tuesday!

1. Read my Bible for more than a five minute regroup.

2. Fold the 3 loads of laundry in my living room.

3. Read to my kids (not a fan of reading out loud).

4. Make cookies...with my kids.

5. Wash the dishes. At least once, maybe twice.

6. Read a chapter or more from one of the books on my 2012 reading list.

7. Light a candle.

8. Make sure all my kids get bathed.

9. Spend some time in my craft room.

10. Snuggle with my husband (instead of my laptop) on the couch after the kids go to bed.

What's on YOUR todo list today??

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  1. great idea, now to get off my computer and try them too...

  2. Sounds fabulous! I like the light a candle one--simple but changes the whole feel of the house! Have fun!

  3. I think you just helped me with what to do for Lent!


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