Friday, March 2

Five Minute Friday --Ache

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I just want to do it all...

be the perfect wife
be the perfect housekeeper
be the perfect mom
blogger, photographer, entrepreneur, friend,... the list could go on forever.

But I can't do it all. God didn't make me to do it all. He made me to love my husband, love my kids, be creative, and bring glory to Him.

and if doing it all doesn't bring glory to Him, I should not be doing it.  

and when I try to do it all?!!  I start to ache because I'm not fulfilling what God made me to do.

I ached earlier this week... even tweeted about it. But yesterday, I kept my eyes on God and the ache dissipated. Today, ...every day it's a struggle to choose right, to make wise choices, to keep the right focus, to stay on task and have my priorities all lined up.  And next week (even in the next hour) I will make a wrong choice and the ache will show itself.

But God, but GRACE...  His mercies are new every morning!



  1. Julie Anne,

    yes, this encompasses what us women all ache and fret over, doesn't it? how to do it all, how to be it all for our families? i get you. all we can do, as you said, is keep our eyes on Him--i kind of wrote on the same thing. good way to make a strong point in 5min!


  2. I ache when I disappoint myself...when I am not the mom I think I should be...oh, how I relate. We are so hard on ourselves aren't we? Thank you for sharing your heart.

  3. we all can relate BUT the Bible says the Holy Spirit convicts us of our, what? ...RIGHTEOUSNESS....thats it. GOd just wants to tell you how amazing you are. That He loves you that He's proud of you that you are a good mother and a great wife...Thats what God if you hear other voices telling you that you aren't doing enough or doing it right...tell them to "get behind you" because that isn't God...bless you today on this Friday that you would feel the Grace of God all around you and it would empower you to do mighty cook dinner and love on your family. blessings.

  4. I agree, we can all relate to this post soo much. Very well writen

  5. Julie Anne, you bless me so.
    What a comfort it is to know we don't have to do it all. In fact, we shouldn't.
    So thankful for that ache to remind us to get on the cleaner path. What grace!
    Am always blessed by the words you can spill in 5 minutes--thank you!
    All for Him,


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