Monday, March 5

Joy Dare ~week 9

It's Monday again, which means it's time for sharing the gifts... Have you joined in yet? It's March! Here's the March calendarIn the comments today, just give me THREE things from this week that you are thankful for!

February 27 not much ugly beautiful today... lots of beautiful gifts!
186. clothes out on the line;
187. package from Dayspring; (thank you again @Allume for the giftcard!)

188. yummy dinner
(and the Ugly beautiful)
189. Headache from noisy kids;
190. my kids with strong opinions;
191. needing to work on Fruit of the Spirit

February 28
192. The Red Door. God spoke to me (about 2 years ago now) with a door. I'm working on the whole story for a blog post soon tomorrow!

193. Scripture memorized in 2011... reviewing, bringing it to mind when I need it most.
194. the grace that saved me is the grace that keeps me

February 29
195. a very gray sky
196. shimmer of snow and ice today
197. clean roads to drive on

March 1
198. Reminder that children are a blessing. The kingdom of heaven is of such.
199. My 8YO son, growing but still a child.
200. Scripture!!

March 2
201. green shirt I wore on a date with ;
202. sharing a Starbucks cup with him;
203. fluffy bathrooms towels

March 3
204. NOT needing to wear a coat on this sunny mild March day
205. thankful for my wedding/engagement rings and what they represent

206. soaking in sunshine on our warm sun porch

March 4
207. embracing my kids' not fitting the "rule following" mold

208. forgetting to plug in the crockpot before church ... which resulted in cleaning out the fridge of leftovers for Sunday lunch!
208. tree precariously leaning over the driveway

what are you giving thanks for today?


  1. I love your hard thanks choices...

    Here are a few from my list this week....

    3 Green Gifts
    184) That ugly old green camera bag that carries my DSLR friend
    185) The green carpet -- reminds me of the other job that I truly enjoy
    186) The pretty green buds poking through the soil

  2. Oh my goodness... that leaning tree! lol Wedding/engagement rings and what they represent. That is such a beautiful gift! Yay for a good DaySpring package... love those days! ;)

  3. Precarious! I say so! Thanks for sharing your list today. Ah yes, the crockpot forgotten to be plugged in, been there too! But how wonderful it was turned into a cleaned out refrigerator.


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