Saturday, April 7

Project 52 --Foolin' Around

This photo is proof that I am not a professional photographer, but thanks for sticking with me on this Project 52 journey anyway!  I looked out my window to see my chickens "foolin' around" and didn't want to ruin the moment by opening a door, or getting too close, so I just shot it from my kitchen window.

I think they are playing King of the "ROOST"... or is it "queen of the coop"?  Anyway, it caught my eye and made me laugh... does that make me a hick?

Appropriately, this photo was taken on April Fool's Day!!  (which was before a bear...or something large, flipped the coop and knocked over the run to get to the food we left out for 3 days)

PS... we don't really do April Fool's jokes around our house... I'm a party pooper!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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