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Five Minute Friday --Stretch

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Five Minutes on --Stretch


The pile sits in front of me. It scares me, It excites me, It makes me giddy!  Pens, highlighters, paper! Notebooks, binders, folders! An Idea book. A class Syllabus! Textbooks!

I am going back to college! and I am pursuing a degree in Communications/Writing! And I am SCARED TO DEATH!! It has been 16 years* since I sat in a class room and took notes and handed in homework and took tests. I feel OLD! I feel brain-dead. and so unsure of myself.

But I need to stretch a little, find my wings, try new things. I have declared myself a writer... now it's time to make myself a GOOD writer, even a GREAT writer.

Class three times a week, mixed in with kids in school, kids in half day. House work, cooking, cleaning, parenting, homemaking. Assignments, writing assignments, lots of writing assignments. Putting them out there for critique by peers (can they be my peers if they are 15 years younger than me???!) Oh, and RED PENS... scary!

But I can do this, and my husband is fully supporting me, and God will work out the childcare details, and some days we might have cereal for dinner, but I will do this!

It's time to write!


* (and lest you think I'm REALLY OLD, I graduated with my Associate's Degree when I was 19...) 

and if you want some more details... it's just one class this semester to see how it goes... "Creative Non-Fiction Writing" How fun does that sound?!??! :)

Stick around... some of my homework assignments just might find their way onto this blog!!


  1. This just made me all giddy. New books and pens and binders!

    I went back to school in my mid 40s. And my husband made boxed mac and cheese for my kids--without milk.

    And the good thing about being an "older" student is you care more. :)


    1. thanks for your encouragement... my kids can almost make their own mac and cheese so we should be good! :)

  2. this is your father writing to correct your grammar...i5 years younger than I AM. SMILEY FACE!!! You go, girl!!! Love always, Dad.

    1. Thanks for the constructive criticism, Dad! I love you too! :)
      and thanks for the encouragement to pursue it!!

  3. I am still thrilled for you. ;D I think it's awesome!

  4. That's fabulous news! Now you can compare notes with all the 5th graders in the neighborhood...who's more nervous and excited about going back to school. :-) What a beautiful thing you're doing. Praying for you to be a light that would shine brightly and reflect Jesus.

    1. I have a 2nd grader and 4th grader in my own home that are pretty excited about going back and being with their friends again... if only I had a friend in the class! :) haha!

  5. Wow!How awesome, and exciting! So happy for you!

  6. Congrats on going back to school! I'm so jealous! I think I would absolutely LOVE to take a class like that. Can't wait to read some of your work. I should have gotten your autograph before I left just might be famous someday!!! xoxox


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