Wednesday, October 9

#31Days of Dove Promises-Nine

I love to accessorize... not so much with shoes and purses, but give me some great jewelry and a fun scarf and I'm a happy woman, which means more smiles. And we learned yesterday that smiles are free!  Ya know what else Dove Chocolates has taught me about smiles?

Your smile is your best accessory!!!

 photo 23208bef8765eea64b76c227f1e86210_zps930beef0.jpg

I love accessories so much I finally got my ears pierced this Spring so that I could wear the earrings that came with the cute jewelry sets I got for Christmas. When I put on my jewelry, I'm more likely to put on my smile, too... and that is the most important accessory of all!

Community Conversation: What makes you happy? What makes you look (or feel) great?

 photo 1abc6359-4158-4bb8-974f-49cf3060c5d5_zpsec059870.jpg

Yes, I am working to share one promise every day. To see all my #31Days of Dove Promises head to this page and bookmark it, pin it, or just subscribe to my blog and we can enjoy a little bit of chocolate together every day this month.

and if you have lots of time to spare, check out all the #31Days topics at The Nester!

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