Tuesday, October 8

#31Days of Dove Promises-Eight

Smiling is free... but Dove Dark Chocolates are not--unless of course you are giving me a gift, then they would be free (for me)!

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I confess, I am a bit of a pessimist! If you have a great idea, I can usually come up with a reason why it won't work. Often, I'm a little gloomy, especially when I start worrying about money. But I am working on it (slowly but surely... I've been working on it for YEARS). Smiles are said to be contagious, too. So when you see me (or someone else you know) looking a little down, give a smile. We just might smile back in return!

Smiling is free. You can do it anytime, I can do it anytime and it doesn't affect my checkbook balance. I can smile even when I don't feel like it. I'm pretty sure there is even evidence that smiling can change your mood...

So smile a little bit today!

Community Conversation: Are you an optimist? Do you smile a lot? What other great things are free?

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Yes, I am working to share one promise every day. To see all my #31Days of Dove Promises head to this page and bookmark it, pin it, or just subscribe to my blog and we can enjoy a little bit of chocolate together every day this month.

and if you have lots of time to spare, check out all the #31Days topics at The Nester!

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  1. HUGS!!! :) And yes, I smile a lot. In fact, I get in trouble for smiling too much at times. I have been proposed to (twice!) by men who thought I was flirting with them, when in fact, I was just smiling!!! Isn't that crazy?!!
    But I can't help it. I just keep smiling!

    1. Oh, Becky, I love this!!! And I do love to surround myself with happy people! Thanks for making me SMILE with this great comment!

      You can smile when you can't say a word,, You can smile when you cannot be heard, you can smile when it's cloudy or fair, You can smile anytime, anywhere. This reminded me of it.. XXo


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