Friday, November 1

Five Minute Friday: Grace

Five Minute Friday

It's Friday... the first Friday of November and I'm a little wore out by my attempt at #31Days, my trip to Allume, the busyness of the season, and the dailyness of life. So we are going to see what comes out in five minutes (or so).


Can I ask a little grace from you all? I did not want to write today. I confess that when I read the Five Minute Friday prompt of "Grace," I rolled my eyes... HONEST!! I am just feeling like the word is so over done and we throw it around here and we throw it around there and we say "Give Grace" and we say "Receive Grace" but in reality we live like it's just a word... and sometimes I get tired of the Christianese.

So I went and looked it up, because I knew I needed a refresher (after all, there is no such thing as coincidences). Well, even the list of definitions overwhelmed me. I just wanted one simple definition that I could run with for five minutes... and now I'm faced with a choice (I hate making decisions... I'm always afraid it will be the wrong one).

2012 was my year to Live Grace. So I had a few blog posts related to grace, even had a list of books that emphasized grace (not sure how many of them I actually read)

Definition 1: a way of moving that is smooth and attractive and that is not stiff or awkward
even this blog post shows that I haven't figured that one out yet... cause this is not a bit smooth and just a little bit awkward.

Definition 2: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification 
this is what normally comes to mind when I hear the word grace. And while I know what grace is, too often I don't think I truly understand it.

The truth I come back to is: there is no such thing as too much grace. We talk about it over and over, and God's Word talks about it over and over, because God's Grace is never ending, never gets used up. There is always grace for today, for this moment, for this need.

And I had to do Kindergarten pickup before I had a chance to post this and the first song that came on was "Amazing Grace" and like a flood, grace poured over this poor sinner who thought she had had enough of grace.

I will never out grow my need for grace and the gospel every single day!!


  1. You are SO right Julie...we will never outgrow our need for grace! Never!

  2. Aren't we all afraid of the cheapening of anything from God by its overuse, so we tuck it away and try to preserve it - which is the exact opposite of how it works. It's like the woman with the jars of flour and oil. As she kept using them up and giving it away, more was constantly provided. If she had kept it for herself, there would've been nothing. (Wow, did I just use up a FMF post on this comment - see there is a prime example!) I think that both of your definitions go hand in hand. It's the giving away of favor that is completely effortless and natural. Thanks for making me think fresh on this word that truly has been on my mind a lot this week.

  3. The only difference between God's grace and the air we breathe is that God's grace is sufficient! God's grace keeps us from choking, spiritually speaking. God's grace IS greater than our sin and God's grace gets us through each day, sustaining us! Marvelous grace!

  4. There really is never such a thing as to much grace is there ? I struggle to remember to give grace out to others as freely as I have received it from Him

  5. I need it bad. Always. And I'll save some for you! :)


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