Tuesday, March 20

My lemonade stand

I never set out to be a writer. When I started blogging almost 8 years ago, it was an outlet as a new mom, mostly used for keeping my out of town family up to date on the antics of my kids. I met a few blogging friends along the way, but never developed a niche or passion.

I dabbled in photography --maybe just photo-taking, shared recipes, occasionally talked spiritual things I was learning, experimented with Five Minute Friday, and always used it for counting my gifts. I guess that would make me a memoir blogger.

But in reality, I'm a crafter, an artisan, if I want to be bold. I started this, my second blog, with the intention of promoting my handmade stationery and gaining exposure for my online card shop. I thought if I showed my cards here on the blog, more people would like them and buy them... But actually doing that takes time, commitment, investment, discipline. .. and it didn't really happen!  I don't have any spare change floating around to invest in getting my lemonade stand out to the street where it can be seen!

So while my real desire is to grow my craft, my actions don't show that because I can go weeks without spending time in my craft room. But then I start to get antsy... And cranky! And mad at myself for not prioritizing!

The real problem is that I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. There's too many great choices out there and I still haven't figured out which one is for me!

I'm a wife and a mom... Which makes me a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a cook and maid. I'm a friend and encourager...or at least I try to be. But those are things that everyone does. But what makes me unique? What do I have to offer the world, the body of Christ??

I enjoy taking pictures but don't consider myself a photographer.

I never considered myself a blogger, but I have fallen in love with writing... But I haven't figured out if I do it for myself, for God, or for the praise of men?

Then there is cooking, baking and sharing recipes. I used to find such satisfaction in preparing yummy things... But with 4 young kids, it became overwhelming and a matter of survival to just find something to eat!

And card making... It still makes me smile, and I feel most fulfilled when I create new cards that get rave reviews (which never really happens, but I can pretend). But card making takes time and effort every.single.time!

Hand made crafting isn't like writing and publishing an book. A TON of work goes into a book, but then once it's published you just reap the rewards... every time you sell another copy. If I want to make my cards successful, I have to be creative every single time I sit down! Even when I am copying a card I've created before, it is still a process. Each card takes time and effort, even when it's a set of the same card. A lot of time and energy goes into each card I make, and you just can't put a price on that.

Wow, I feel like I'm starting to whine, but I'm just trying to share my heart. I need someone to help me figure out this God sized dream of mine...

In addition to a Write it, Girl challenge, I need a Create it, Girl challenge!

I also need to hibernate and create/craft for a day...or two!!

This Write it, Girl post seems to be a little bit all over the place. I went to bed last night with nothing to write about... pulled out the iPad (new to me... because hubby got a NEW one) and started that first paragraph... and just kept typing.  I tried to edit a little this morning, but I just want to get it out there!  Thank you, Write it, Girl for the push to write this month!!


  1. Linking up after you at Write It, Girl! Fun to see your cards - I make cards occasionally, and know that they take a lot of time and focus, making them just right for the occasion. Yours are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which is one way to receive direction - just writing it out ... and then trusting God to give clarity and focus in the interests and desires He has planted in you.

  2. try a local craft fair. they are cheap, & you meet people actually looking for what you have, and other crafter's & what they are up to. I am going to the Lehman craft fair on the 31st. it cast me $35 to get in and it runs from 10-3 or 11-4 I can't remember, ha ha.
    the $ goes to the band. I don't go to "other churches(denominations)" or things held on Sundays, so that does limit me. but the opportunity is good. I take some of my friends things as well, to help fill my table. I only keep 10% to help cover the spot. let me know if you want a heads up on other shows.

  3. What you mentioned about feeling antsy when you don't create is how I feel when I don't write. So maybe there is something to that restlessness that will show you what to be when you grow up. Most importantly do something until you feel like you do it well. The something that you like to do. Keep trusting - He will show you the way even in the path is long and windy. :) (Thanks for stopping by my page.)

  4. #4 on the write it girl link up is about dreams. I really enjoyed her perspective on how big dreams can be broken down into small steps. It was a good reminder. I have so many things I enjoy doing but right now writing takes most of my time and it's what I love doing most. I feel like there are seasons where different things will be important and dreams change but the pursuing and hope we have invested in our dreams is what propels us onward. Do what you love, and it will come through. God gives us each talents and He is glorified when we take those and run with it.

  5. Boy, do I hear your frustration!

    Some folks have the gift of being able to just hone in on how to best use their gifts.

    The rest of us flail about in the deep waters, paddling round and round without a compass, hoping to catch that perfect wave and ride it to the place where our talents and passion ignite our engine. Only then, when we learn how to create that spark, will we move forward with direction, joy and purpose.

    I have been working on this very issue for about a year now, and I can tell you unequivocally how exciting and exhilarating it is to finally find that intersection of strengths, talents and passion.

    I will share what has helped me, and I hope it leads you closer to your dream too.

    First, a link to a post-Time to tell my story-about how I came to be here: http://ow.ly/9LVRC

    And the link to life coach Joel Boggess who helped me tremendously: http://www.4pointscoaching.com/

    Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat. Happy searching!

  6. Can you add some of those blue flowers on the green to my order? Are you keeping track til summer?

  7. You sound so much like me! I have a lot of creative juices in varied directions, but to hone it down to one thing, esp, with the pressures of motherhood... it's tougher than I realized!

    1. p.s. love the cards! very creative. and you won the prize from squee, right? how exciting and how perfect! :-)

    2. thanks for visiting! I am very excited about the prize package... can't wait to see where it takes me! And I spent this weekend making cards... ahhh!!


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