Saturday, October 6

Project 52 --Sports/Collections

So I missed last week's posting... I attached it to the end of this post ...  But for this week's Project 52, the theme is Sports...

I like sports, just haven't had much opportunity to photograph sports lately... but here are my favorite sports players...

my karate kid

my ballerinas
P52 with Kent Weakley

 and for last week...

Collections... are you a collector?
The Project 52 theme last week was Collections.

I collect clutter, but I didn't really want to take a picture of that, it's not a pretty sight!  I collect books, too, but most of them are still in boxes! and my kids collect toys, lots of them. Occasionally they collect sticks and rocks and other nature items, but those collections don't last!

But the favorite collection in this house is LEGO!!  We have Starwars, and Lego City and a lighthouse and girly Lego and more StarWars Lego... etc.  So I though I would just take a picture of my son's Lego box... I'm too tired to get more creative then that!

We love our Lego!!

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