Monday, October 14

#31Days of Dove Promises-Fourteen

I missed a day... and I'm very chronological, so I will be post dating this... and hopefully putting out two blog posts today to get back on track. We will see!

Here's the promise today... "Daydreaming is free" ... however, too much time wasted on TV, games, facebook, and other sundry items is very costly!

 photo 41c5901a69846f4aee78893798f0751e_zpsb22b47e5.jpg

Sometimes, daydreaming is a good thing. It brings inspiration and new dreams to pursue and just gives you time to rest and regroup... When it's my 8 year old, who is supposed to be doing homework, then it's not so helpful! :)

And for me, if I'm really daydreaming and want it to be profitable, I should probably write some of it down, because my memory capabilities are shot!!  So remember, daydreaming is free... just like smiling!

Community Conversation: Did you spend a little time daydreaming today? what about? A piece of chocolate would help that, I'm sure! 

psst! did you notice my new awesome #31Days series button? My friend, Debi, totally rocks and made it for me!!

Yes, I hope to share one promise every day and will give you a quick link to each day at the bottom of this post. So bookmark it, , or just subscribe to my blog and we can enjoy a little bit of chocolate together every day this month.

and if you have lots of time to spare, check out all the #31Days topics at The Nester!

Did you miss any of last week's great posts??!? especially the weekend ones? Check them out!!

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  1. I don't think I've told you this, but I love your idea! At least you don't have to think *too* hard about topics because Dove provides them for you. :-)


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